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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Labour Party Congratulates Muslims Ummah On Completion Of Ramadan Fasting

ABEOKUTA - The National Secretary of  Labour Party, Alhaji Umar Farouk Ibrahim has  congratulated Muslims faithful for the successful completion of Holy month of Ramadan fasting which usher the celebration of Eid el Fitr.

According to the LP scribe in a press statement said the celebration is coming at a time Nigeria is passing through myriad of challenges: insecurity, hunger, poverty, unemployment, and high rate of inflation.

He bemoaned the spate of banditry which has taken over different part of the country to the extent that citizens are kidnapped, extorted and murdered everyday.

He prayed that Almighty Allah will answer the prayers rendered by the  Muslims faithful during the Ramadan fasting to restore peace, justice and equity to the country.

He prayed touch the hearts of Nigeria leaders to do the right thing and give them the political will, courage and the patriotism to decisively fight the insecurity and economic challenges threatening the cooperate existence of country.

"Students are kidnapped in various schools. Some are killed and some parents are forced to pay huge ransom to secure the lives of their wards. The Boko Haram insurgents are currently hosting their flags in some part of the country.

"The economy of the country is collapsing resulting in the high rate of in security. Farmers no longer access their farms in fear of being kidnapped or killed.

"The rate of inflation is increasing on a daily basis and has made it impossible for many Nigerians to live a worthy life. Thus making it impossible for them to afford basic needs."

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