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Sunday, May 16, 2021

“Loyal men still exist, they are just busy building their career” – Lady affirms

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 Young lady argues that despite the rising number of dramas surrounding disloyal men, there is still a yardstick of men that are loyal.

According to a Twitter user identified as @preshdeyforyou, the struggle for a career is why a lot of loyal men are off the dating market.

“Loyal men still exist. They’re just busy building their careers,” she wrote in a tweet.

Her claim was however followed with mixed reactions as some users agree with the opinion while others disagree completely.

See some reactions below …

Most women, don’t believe in this, they have beclouded their minds with all men cheats, that they call the loyal ones pretenders., They have accepted infidelity that their only care is He shouldn’t bring her home. ladies get rid of such mindset let God give you that loyal man

I exist but no woman care if I exist or not no one cares for good man like me

Same goes for loyal women, they are busy building their careers.. when both are done building, there wont be sand enough to build relationship, so they settle for less

Dis tweet sums me up, I meet a lady, we get talking, along d line I just say to myself, Ade do U know what you’re doing? gotta concentrate on achieving ur dreams & let these girls be. Then I suddenly pull d plug & stop talking to her. But I fear how I’ll get a wife, I low-key want..

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