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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

My Daughter Was Born Without Pr!vate Parts, Leaked Urine for 12 Years

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Netizens have been touched by a story of a young girl by the name Sharon from Kiganjo in Thika. This is after her mother Grace narrated a sad story of how she conceived her daughter back in 2008. Her baby was suffering from a rare birth defect called bladder exstrophy. (She lacked the bladder as well her pr1vate parts).

During an interview with Kagoni, Grace has said how she found her child in a sorry state immediately after her birth. Her internal stomach organs and intestines were all protruded outside the skin. The baby also lacked the essential parts and this made it hard to recognize if the infant was male or female.

The baby was immediately booked for an operation at the Kenyatta hospital where her stomach was operated back to shape. The problem came when operating the baby . The operation was unsuccessful and immediately the girl developed a new condition.

Sharon started to leak her urine from that time. The family started tireless efforts to see Sharon healthy but everything run futile even after a series of operations. Her low income mother started borrowing to cater for Sharon’s health but nothing seemed to work.

Things seemed to start working in March 2020 after Monica Kagoni covered this sad story. Well wishers volunteered to finance another operation to Sharon. Sharon then undertook two surgeries at the beginning of this year, one that costed ksh150,000 and another one that costed ksh200,000. 

The cost for these two operations were all financed by well wishers some even from abroad.

The two operations were successful and Sharon has now gotten back to shape.

She has been living the last 12 years with diapers but God wonders have come her way. YouTuber, Monica Kagoni has decided to celebrate Sharon and her mother Grace during this year’s international women’s day.

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