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Saturday, May 29, 2021

Ogun: Why Musa-Olomu Must Continue His Midas Touch At FMC - Union Leaders, Others


Prof. Musa-Olomu 

ABEOKUTA - Some union leaders at the Federal Medical Centre, Idi-Aba, Abeokuta, Ogun state have passed vote of confidence on the Centre's Chief Medical Director, Prof. Adewale Musa-Olomu for his unprecedented transformation of the hospital. 

Olomu, had in the last three years at the helms transformed the hospital from ordinary emergency centre to a world class medical facility. 

However, despite his efforts at ensuring the hospital compete at optimum best, some cabal within and outside the centre are hellbent at destroying the good medical services currently enjoyed by residents both within and outside Ogun state. 

Facts emerged at the weekend on why some powerful forces are against the second term bid of the Medical Director of Federal Medical Centre Idi-aba Abeokuta, Prof Adewale Musa-Olomu.

Findings revealed that, jealousy, self interest, hatred and desire to hijack the economy of the centre for selfish and personal aggrandizement by some few elements were part of the reasons reliably gathered.

Findings by THE ENCOUNTER NEWS revealed that, that these elements were uncomfortable with the daily rising profile of the workaholic Medical Director and were unrelenting in their avowed determination to call him to size.

In an attempt to achieve their objectives, these elements resorted into unprofessional activities by throwing caution to the wind.

 A union leader at the Centre who preferred anonymity said "It is unthinkable the kind of supposed classified documents which those who supposed to know and knowledgeable about administrative issues are dishing out to the media.

"You petitioned the Medical Director of wrong doing to the appropriate quarters, you are the same set of group who rushed to the media while awaiting response from the quarters you took his case to.

"Why all these, if not desperation to hijack the system to their own selfish agenda which will draw the Centre backwards," the Union leader said.

He continued, "Good enough, in spite of pressures from them,  those developmental journalists had gladly refused to dance to their tunes having known that their selfish mission was to use and dump them.

"The most unfortunate and hard to believe fact is that there was no single individual among those elements who had not benefited one way or another from the present administration.

"We know them and we have our facts. But we will behave wisely. Here is an internationally acclaimed researcher with access to international grants.

"Recently, he secured about $600 thousand US dollars grant (N300 Million) for the Centre. Elsewhere, such  a grant would have been diverted to personal covers.

"He never did that. Rather, he made a public announcement about it, and the funds were being utilized for the hospital use," he averred.

Our reporter further learnt that, the administration of Prof. Musa-Olomu since assumption of office had recorded unprecedented and enviable landmarks which some groups were not comfortable with.

Among these achievements were the successful completion of some monumental projects recently commissioned by the representative of Mr. President.

The event drew creme de la creme of the society including the Speaker of House of Representatives, the two Hon. Ministers of Health, Ogun State Governor, former Governor Osoba, Senators, Captains of industry among others.

They were surprised at the glamour and success of the event. They had wished it flopped. 

Similarly, those forces we learnt were also against the realization of the vision of the Medical Director to establish a University of Medicine and Medical Sciences in Abeokuta towards  which former Governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun donated 170 hectares of land and a successful public hearing had.

It was further learnt that some individuals were not happy about the honesty and transparency of the Medical Director in the award of contracts.

Another union leader who also preferred anonymity, explained further that, "You see some of these people felt MD was too transparent in the award of contracts. They felt rather than following due process as was his style, they were angry that they or their cronies were not direct beneficiaries even when it was obvious that MD himself is never interested in awarding contracts to himself.

"Let me tell you that some financial supervising agencies recently visited the Centre and they commended the Medical Director for his transparency and accountability.

"The Medical Director met about 5 or 6 hospital management committee members, today, he has doubled that number.

"He keeps telling everyone who cares to listen that fraud is easily perpetrated with few people, but he has kept on enlarging the management committee in order to show that he has nothing to hide."

It was further learnt that apart from infrastructural developments, the clinical aspects had continued to witness phenomenal progress.

"Some of those novel surgical operations that were considered the exclusive competence of overseas surgeons were currently being done here in our Centre.

"It was under the watch of this Medical Director that throughout Nigeria, the FMC Abeokuta came first in the Presidency Servicom rating of service delivery.

"All the six clinical departments put forward for accreditation were successfully accredited to the extent that those who came recently for the Radiology department accreditation exercise were amazed by the array of new and latest sophisticated equipment they saw including 64slides CT Scan machine, Mammography, Fluoroscopy, Mobile & Digital X -ray machines."

Since Olomu's assumption of office, the Centre had not witnessed any local industrial strike action due to the Medical Director's open door policy and the love the entire staff have for him.

Also speaking, an Egba high Chief who pleaded anonymity advised forces against the MD to sheath their sword and work towards the progress of the Centre.

"If you accused this man of wrong doings and  you have directed your petitions to those government authorities that you believe will do justice, why then all these hurry to the media?

"Why putting the man on media trial all because you are against him? You want to be the accuser and at the same time judge in your own case. This kind of uncivilized action smacks of bad belly."

The Egba High Chief therefore, urged the media not to be a willing tool in the hands of destructive elements and enemies of progress.

"I will urge them to read between the lines and refrain from taking everything  hook line  and sinker. We knew the precarious condition in which FMC Abeokuta was before and how it is now since the coming of the present Medical Director. We must give him a chance".

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