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Thursday, June 3, 2021

PMB’s Era: The Failure Of Leadership

"The first thing we recognized is that quality leadership is non-negotiable"  - Lee Kuan Yew, former-president of Singapore.

Leadership embodies and symbolizes the whole essence (values, morals, culture,  idiosyncrasies, zeal, growth, development,  stagnation, retardation future, etc) of a Family, Group, Association and indeed, a Nation (a geographical entity). And quite often, leadership is either represented in an individual or group of people. It's so critical to the development,  growth, progress of either the Family, Group or a Nation and conversely, it could delimit its progress and invariably, stunts its survival!

A leadership without a Mission/Vision is tantamount to a cause rather than a blessing to its entity. A section of the Holy Bible says the people perish without a Vision. This, no doubt, is represented in the leadership at a particular point in time.

For instance, there was a time Singapore (as a Nation) was wallowing in abject poverty without much economic earnings and was classified as 'poor Nation (Third World)' in the index of the World Economic growth. And at at another point in time, it attained a status of 'a developing Nation' (just like Nigeria with all variables) and subsequently, moved on to 'a developed Nation', playing a major role in the economy of the world today. It's  classified as one of the four Asian Tigers; the 4th largest financial Centre in the World; !!!the largest Oil Rigs producers in the World and has the 3rd highest per capital income in the World, among other giant strides it has attained over the years. What makes the difference?: LEADERSHIP!

According to Lee Kuan Yew, the late outstanding leader and ex president of Singapore in the Book, From 3rd World Country to First, ' quality leadership is everything'

Therefore, Leadership is an indispensable factor in human's development and progress; 'an everything enabler'. You can turn a desert into an Oasis on earth (like the case of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates) with the right quotient of Leadership!.

And so, as a Nation, where has Nigeria missed the focus, judging from the leadership style of President Muhammadu Buhari?

Right from 2015 when he took over the realm of affairs, the expectations were high; North to South of the Country against many  noticeable debilitating national failures/lapses from the preceeding Leadership of president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Top on the list of national concerns then were security issues, particularly the rampaging Boko Haram onslaught from the North West of the Country. So bad was the menace that almost 60% of the zone had been taken over by the 'lordship' of the invaders. 

Another leadership failure of the time was high level of corruption in government; one that was having a strangulation effects on the Nation's economy. Thirdly, the then Administration was seen as partially nepostic, promoting the interest of the South-South region against other groups. 

It would be right to allude that the present Administration rose on these three planks to power - Security, Corruption and Economy. And it would be equally be right to infer that these factors formed the bases of the leadership campaign's vision/mission (even with the fact that these lacked in robust strategic intents that could accelerate the yearnings of the founding Fathers of the Nation). 

But where are we today, almost six (6) years into the two-terms tenure of President Buhari's Administration?

(To be continued...)

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