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Sunday, June 20, 2021

YPP Receives New Decampees, Laments Over Nigeria's Rising Insecurity

ABEOKUTA - Young Progressive Party (YPP) has assured Nigerians that if given the support to rule the country, the story of insecurity will change.

The Party lamented the high rate of insecurity in the country, saying that the government of the day is bereft of the ideas concerning  insecurity.

The South West chairman of the party, Hon. Oluwole Britto disclosed this on Saturday in Abeokuta while receiving members of National Transmission Party (NTP) and National Youth Democratic Party (NYDP) into the party.

He said "YPP is not the usual kind of party will have in Nigeria, YPP can never be like APC and can never be like PDP. YPP does not have anything called godfatherism, we do not need you to bring money on board before you can attain any positions, You want to be a state chairman, YPP doesn't need your money, we go to the congress, at the Congress, we will say this is who we want as the state chairman, this is the person we want as the Secretary. We do not need any billions. YPP is totally different from other parties. Our party is not for business as usual, it is a total different thing.

"You all know what we are facing right now in Nigeria, it looks as if the government of today is actually bereft of  idea concerning security, they have left security into the hands of the citizenry. It looks as if we do not have government at all, if YPP comes on board, I believe very strongly that, the story will change. 

"Why am I leading you, if I can not give you protection, we have people who can do all these all we should do is to empower the people that will secure the lives and properties of the people. Nigeria is not getting better.

"The government needs to sit up, I can assure you that if YPP comes on board we will turn all the stones that we need to unturn to ensure security of lives and properties and before me I am sure that we have men of capacity, you are the people we are looking forward to, to become our councilors, our chairmen, house of assembly members, house of representatives, president of the country and other bigger positions", he added.

Mr. Britto maintained that the party has come to wipe tears of all members.

Meanwhile, the state chairman of the party, Asiwaju Adedamola Adeshina welcomed the new members into the party, saying that the party will not disappoint them.

He also encouraged Nigerian youths to participate actively in politics, saying that it is only YPP that can recognize the youths and encourage them. 

He said ''YPP is the building ground for the youths to realise the life time ambition of youths are the leaders of tomorrow, it is not as if we don't have old people with experience in YPP,  YPP is providing the platform for the youths to prevent them from being a bad bencher to become leaders, to be in front, like the exercise that is going on now, all our councilors, chairmanship candidates that we have presented to the OGSIEC are all youths.

"We  are trying to do that to prove to other political parties that has been in existence and that has been denying the youths, calling them lazy youths to show that Nigerian youths have the capability to rule, all of us here are ambassadors. I want to call on youths to participate actively in politics, they should not see politics as a dirty game," he added

Other dignitaries present at the event are; the Ekiti state chairman, Chief John Filani and women leader in the state, Mrs. Ogunlana Mojisola.

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