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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Talabi Diabetes Centre Donates N5million Worth Diabetes Equipment To Ogun Govt

Dr. Adesina 

ABEOKUTA - A charitable organization, Talabi Diabetes Centre has donated diabetes equipment worth N5million for the testing and treatment of the noncommunicable disease to Ogun state government. 

Handing over the equipment to the State Local Government Service Commission on Thursday, the Coordinator, Talabi Diabetes Centre, Isara-Remo, Dr. Olubiyi Adesina said the cure equipment would be distributed to 50 Primary Health Centre across the state. 

Dr. Adesina noted that, the centre had previously donated diabetes cure equipment worth N50million to 300 Primary Health Centres in Ogun between 2016 and 2018.

Speaking at a One-Day seminar organized for 50 Primary Healthcare Workers held in Abeokuta, Dr. Adesina maintained  that, the training was to empower Primary health workers with new information on diabetes treatment. 

He emphasized that, about 4% Nigerians are living with undiagnosed diabetes which according to him, portends inherent danger to the body system, internal organs and untimely death. 

He however, attributed excessive urine, excessive thirst, weight loss, excessive eating, poor vision, poor wound healing, sugar in urine and high sugar levels in the blood as symptoms to be looked out for in a diabetic patient.

According to the medical expert, long duration of diabetes in the body may cause miscarriages for female and infertility for both male and female.

Dr. Adesina further noted that, the basic roles of the Primary Health Centres was to give moral support, cooperation and collaboration, mobilize others and prevent the disease from spreading through routine sensitization programme.

He therefore urged Nigerians to embrace traditional African diet, eat fruits and vegetables, avoid sugar sweetening consumption, and engage in regular physical exercise.

"We have decided to organize this training to tell people of what the symptoms of diabetes are, I mean what the complications that may follow diabetes are, and basically to empower our primary health care workers with information on diabetes that they can go back to their health Centres to disseminate to the generality of people and we are also empowering primary health care centres with diabetes cure equipment that they can use to screen people with diabetes.

"So, the promise then was that on annual basis, we would do refresher courses on diabetes and that's why we have brought 50 primary health care workers here today to give them refresher course on diabetes and hypertension and to also equipped 50 new primary health care centres in Ogun state with diabetes screening equipment and hypertension screening equipment, all of these funded by Olumuyiwa Talabi family of Isara-Remo in Ogun state.

"In Nigeria, it is said that between 2.2% and 4% of Nigerians are living with diabetes and there are 200million of us I mean that's giving us high number of Nigerians living with diabetes. In the programme we did then in 2016 to 2018 we were able to screened about 13, 000 people in Ogun State for diabetes and we found about 7% of those 13000 people are diabetic then, so it's a big problem both in Ogun state and in Nigeria. 

"Why is this so, our diet has changed from that traditional African diet to a more westernized diet, and that is not helping us, we are now telling people, it is those food that our grandfather ate that they live long. So we were becoming fatter and our blood sugar is going up and we are developing diabetes that is the problem. 

"Undiagnosed diabetes is a problem and commonly seen in our environment is ulcers, hormones on the legs that will not heal and in the average Yoruba community, if you have a wound on your leg, and is not healing and maybe at that time, you are fighting with somebody over a land, they will say you have stepped on something on that land, so that's why they will give you ulcer that will not heal until proven otherwise, a wound anywhere on somebody's body that has not heal within 2 weeks, it is diabetes.

"This has cost Talabi diabetes center N5million to procure. The one did previously was in the range of N50million. Our goal was to bring affordable diabetes screening to our people, we gave these free to our PHC but we told them to sustain what we are doing, they should just charge between N50 and 100naira to do this test so that they will be able to get enough money to buy fresh strips and we're glad to say, those donated in 2016 to 2018 are working well."

He continued, "Another thing we see is that people begin to lose weight, all the food that you are eating that should be doing good in your body will start coming out in the urine and the person start losing weight. So that is another common symptoms and then of cause eyes problem, kidney problem, you know in Nigeria."

Some of the equipment donated to the Ogun State Local Government Service Commission today are; 100 blood glucose monitors, 50 blood pressure monitors, and 12,500 blood glucose monitors screens.

Receiving the equipments on behalf of the commission, Dr. Olufowobi Adeolu, the Director for Manpower Developments and Training, assured the donor for even distribution of the equipment and effective use by the Primary Health Centres.


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