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Thursday, August 12, 2021

DA Likeminds Fires Aroboto Over Facebook Outburst

Aroboto with Senator Tolu Odebiyi

ABEOKUTA - A political group believed to be loyal to Governor Dapo Abiodun, DA Likeminds has lampooned its immediate past Vice Chairman, Rasheed Gbadebo otherwise known as Aroboto for his social media outrage against the State Chairman, Asiwaju Nurudeen Aka.

Aroboto in a Facebook message accused the State Chairman of group, Asiwaju Nurudeen Adewale Aka of jealously envy his self-made rising political profile.

He further accused Asiwaju Aka of siphoning the largesse voted for the group by Governor Dapo Abiodun.

Aroboto also accused Aka of moving for his suspension as the group's Vice Chairman.

But the immediate past State Secretary of the group, Comrade Olugbenga Alagbe in a rejoinder on Thursday, described Aroboto as inconsequential, small fry and non-starter.

The group explained that, Aroboto has ceased to be Vice Chairman of the group following the dissolution of the State Executive Committee a month ago.

The group accused Aroboto of publicly pledging his allegiance to Senator Tolu Odebiyi, a perceived political rival of Governor Abiodun.

The group said, "Ordinarily, we would not have responded to the lies he told about the purported suspension from the group, because it is only symptomatic of his state of mind.

"However, we are constrained to issue this statement to let him know that silence is not a sign of acquiescence or cowardice. It is because he is inconsequential. 

"AROBOTO is a small fry and a non-starter. There is no point dissipating energy on someone who cannot pull a strand of hair from the group.

"To set the record straight, at no point did anyone or the State Chairman mute the idea of suspending any member of the State Exco.

"It is pertinent to state that, AROBOTO as at the time the pseudo peddled the concocted lies on social media was never a state executive member let alone being the Vice Chairman because the State Working Committee had been dissolved a month ago. So, how can someone who is not in office be suspended? This is one lie, too many from the quarters.

"It is on record that, despite Aroboto's undeniable allegiance to Senator Tolu Odebiyi, a political who has now turned himself to a rival to Governor Dapo Abiodun, the State Chairman, who the pseudo would had claimed was victimizing him had continually pampered him inspite of calls from other exco members to remove him for anti-government activities.

"On several Occasions AROBOTO through his minions, had abused Governor Dapo Abiodun for not disbursing money for the group, whilst his principal, Senator Tolu Odebiyi paying him handsomely.

"The media boys who have been ranting relentlessly on social media should be asking the following questions rather than ranting all over the media space;

"Why has Asiwaju Nurudeen Aka been the only person who has been sustaining the programs of Dapo Abiodun Likeminds financially. All the empowerment programs and every other program done by Dapo Abiodun Likeminds.

"The were several times that Aroboto had always blackmailed Asiwaju AKA only to go behind the scenes to beg and deny his own media boys even without their own knowledge. The latest was when he accused the state chairman of not taking good care of him as the Vice Chairman only for a meeting to be called and it was learnt that the person he had been accusing had always been sponsoring him financially,the latest one been the N400,000:00 that he facilitated for Aroboto's Chairmanship campaign out of many favors that he had dine which he,the Vice Chairman couldn't deny. Everytime he had always accused the State Chairman of anything,it has always been discovered that he only wanted to arm twist the State Chairman for a favor,a option he had tried times without number and Asiwaju Aka had always indulged him as a brother and friend. 

"Why has Comrade Rasheed Aroboto always denied that he has been going time without number to seek financial help from Asiwaju Aka and his friends. Why has he never declared to his boys that he had always gotten financial assistance from the State Chairman.

"Aroboto had vehemently stated both on and off the social media that he had gone to take a stand with his principal,Senator Tolu Odebiyi who despite his constant denial that he has never gained anything from his support to the Senator and had always used one or two people to blackmail the Senator for illicit gains before he came back into reckoning with the Tod camp. A camp that has proven time without number that they're not inline with the lofty programs of Prince Dapo Abiodun,the Executive Governor of Ogun state.

"It should be stated here and then that rather than trying to make gains from both camps,Aroboto should by now have taken a stand to let the good people of Ogun state know where he belongs to politically. A person can never have a leg in each camp and expect both camps to trust him.

"Not doing this only shows that he, Aroboto is only been desperate and he is also trying to cash in on the two groups. Rather than been seen as a mole in all the camps,he should take a definite stand to let the good people of Ogun state know which camp he actually belongs to rather this show of desperation he and his boys have been showing both online and offline."

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