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Thursday, August 19, 2021

IVF Has Better Success Rate Than Natural Conception – Fertility Expert

LAGOS - While In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) does not guarantee 100 per cent success rate, a fertility expert, Dr. Abayomi Ajayi, said it has a better success rate than natural conception.

Ajayi, who disclosed this at a virtual event with the topic, “Why Do IVF Fails,” said one in three women who are less than 35 years have 40 to 50 per cent chance of conceiving through IVF.

He said, “When a woman is aged 22, she has the chance of 25 per cent of conceiving through the natural way. However, that chance decreases to 10 to 15 per cent at aged 34 and further decreases to less than five per cent at aged 40 and above.”

Ajayi, who is the MD of Nordica Fertility Center, however, reiterated that IVF does not guarantee 100 per cent success rate and the procedure can fail at anytime.

“When IVF fails, it can be very frustrating for both the couple and the doctor and can lead to anger, disappointment, dashed hope and blame.

“I wish I could tell you why a cycle fails, but we don’t know. Sometimes, we may have done everything right, but the outcome is still not what we want. We still don’t know so many things that go on during the implantation stage, but one thing we do know is that success in IVF depends on age, egg and sperm quality and quantity,” he added.

He said the quality of egg takes about 80 per cent while the sperm takes about 20 per cent, adding that, “The egg contributes about 80 per cent of the ingredients for a good embryo. The egg quality and quantity decline from 30 years, more rapidly by 35 years and by 40 years, only about 10 per cent of the woman’s egg are normal, leading to poor embryo, hence the reason why I said when a women is 40 years and above, her chances of having a successful IVF is less than 10 per cent. The sperm also contributes to IVF failure. If you have abnormal sperm and the woman has poor quality of egg, it can lead to poor quality of embryo.”

He noted that only about 25 per cent embryo that is produced in the laboratory will become babies, adding that to improve success rate of IVF, the age is one of the most important things because it determines the quality and quantity of the egg, hence the reason why women should start to raise their family on time.

“However, if you are not ready, you can store your eggs pending when you are ready, that will prevent you from using donor eggs. Sperm also plays a major role here, because a good sperm and a good egg can produce a good embryo, which is the most important thing when we talk about IVF. IVF has been able to facilitate the union of sperm and egg, but cannot guarantee the miracle called life. The whole process can fail at the implantation stage and we may not be able to explain what went wrong, only God knows,” he added.

As science continues to look for ways to eliminate IVF failure, he urged Nigerians to continue to give hope to women who have suffered from IVF failure, adding that with perseverance, patience and more research, scientists will one day fashion out the weapon against IVF failure in due course.

“I must commend Mrs Kesena Igben, a woman who endured years of failed cycles, before carrying her bundle of joy through IVF. I commend her for being courageous enough to come out and share her story, in efforts to help other women who are battling with fertility problem to achieve their own happiness,” Ajayi stated.

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