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Monday, August 23, 2021

Olu Imasayi Stool: Community Commends Gov. Abiodun's Intervention For Stopping Candidate Imposition

ABEOKUTA - Leaders and residents of Imasayi community in Yewa North local government area of Ogun State have commended Governor Dapo Abiodun for his timely intervention in the kingship tussle surrounding the vacant stool of Olu Imasayi.

The leaders under the aegis of Concerned Descendants of Imasayi had last week cried out over the alleged nomination of Chief Kuoye Lukman as the Oba-Elect for the vacant Olu Imasayi stool.

The elders, in a protest letter dated August 20, 2021, and addressed to the state governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun titled; "Re-Petition Against Imposition of Chief Kuoye Lukman As Oba of Imasayi" accused the State Executive Council of approving Chief Kuoye Lukman as the Oba-Elect for Imasayi kingdom without due consultation of the traditional chiefs and kingmakers.

The petitioners, expressed disappointment over the approval of Chief Kuoye despite court litigation over the vacant Olu Imasayi stool.

The aggrieved residents noted that, apart from the court case hovering over the vacant stool, the normal traditional rites before the selection of an Oba for the ancient stool of Olu of Imasayi have not been performed by the chiefs and Elders of Imasayi.

They said, the three nominees for the vacant stool of Imasayi,  Prince Rahman Adetomiwa Oniyide Ajayi, Aare Lukman Kuoye, Prince Adewale Olude are yet to be presented to the council of Chiefs neither any traditional rites has been performed, calling on the State Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun to withhold the approval of Kuoye Lukman and set up a committee to look into this matter of Obaship to avoid another unending bloodshed in Imasayi.

But the leaders on Monday, appreciated the fatherly role played by the governor for withholding the approval of Lukman Kuoye as new Olu of Imasayi kingdom.

They noted that, the prompt action by Governor had prevented a dark period in the history of Imasayi where a stranger, would be imposed on the people as an Oba. 

"The prevention of the Chiefs and Elders in performing different  traditional rites by Chief Kuoye Lukman, by his act of locking up the palace untill it was reopened on the 6th of August, 2021, is to cover up some sacrilegious acts he had performed against the stool of the Olu of Imasayi as an Aare of the land. An Aare does not ascend the throne in Imasayi. It is a taboo of great adverse consequences to the community. This is one of the major reasons that Chief Kuoye does not want to succumb to the consultations with the Ifa Oracle and the conclusion of different traditional rites before a king is selected. 

"Sir, you have now, by withholding approval, given our Chiefs, Elders, and stakeholders the opportunity to brace up and do all the traditionally needful rites to prevent acrimony reigning supreme in the land of Imasayi, because, how do we explain to our ancestors and our children that only a single, illiterate, kingmaker (in the person of Chief Abass Ilemokun) selected an Oba for the great people of Imasayi without following due traditional rites and process. 

"How do we explain to our kith and kins when adversity dawns on the land, that all necessary traditional rites were jettisoned before an Oba was imposed on the people? How do we explain this sacrilegious transgression?

"This withholding of approval will allow your government to raise a committee to look into the issue of a befitting Olu of Imasayi. This will go a long way in seeing that peace continues to reign in our ancestral homestead. We believe this action of your government will allow the Chiefs and Elders of Imasayi to perform all necessary customary and traditional rites before an Oba is selected for Imasayi.

"Sir, we implore you to do all that's possible to stop this imposition and give the Chiefs and Elders of Imasayi, the necessary support devoid of the rancorous politics of Chief Kuoye and his cohorts, in selecting a befitting and bonafide son of Imasayi as their Oba. 

"Once again Sir, it is with hearts full of gratitude that we thank you and other officials of the government of Ogun State is doing the needful and ensure that peace reigns in the land of Imasayi. We pray that God in His infinite mercy shall abide with you, your household, and members of your government as you patiently take Ogun State to an unprecedented development of all the nooks and crannies of Ogun State."

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  1. For peace to reign in the land, let there be traditional consultation.