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Saturday, August 21, 2021

Send Tithes To Less Privileged To Attract God’s Blessings, Not Pastors- Amb Ononye

Strange days when many are parading themselves, using deceitful method to extort from people in the name of doing God’s work. This so called pastors directly and indirectly collect tithes from members to fulfill their personal needs, where as the bible warns us of tremendous increase in deception within the church. Amb Ephraim Ononye, a renowned and a reputable man of God frowns at such unsanctioned deceit in the body of Christ.

He made this known recently during one of his church program.

He made it very clear that the best way to pay your tithe or give God is to give to the poor, widows, less privileged, according to the Bible injunction, as the only means God blesses the giver.

"Some of these pastors misrepresent the truth and will tell you that if you don’t pay your tithe to them or to their ministry and you choose to give it to the needy instead of giving it to them that things will be tight for you. The Lord commanded us to pay our tithes to the needy so that they might find something to eat according to (Deuteronomy 26:12)."

Amb Ephraim Ononye, the senior pastor of Ephraim Ononye Ministries Worldwide, whose Mandate is healing, deliverance and setting the captives free, tends to correct the impression and mentality of some pastors who deceives their members in the name of paying tithes while they are wrong.

Ephraim said “Money Minded Ministers (MMM), Conscienceless Preachers should also learn to feed the flock not be trickishly eat from them via consultation fees, deliverance fees, tithes, money for spiritual works and the so called “dangerous seed

"The best way to give to God is to give to the poor, needy, strangers, widows, etc. Bible enjoined us to be charitable to the less privileged. That is one of the cores of judgement and what our deeded would be looked at. We would not be asked how many tithes we paid but how many good deeds we did."

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