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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Ibese Kingship: Alabede Is An Impostor, Wanted Man, Unknown To Us, Community Cries Out

ABEOKUTA - The kingmakers and other traditional stakeholders in Ibese, in Yewa North Local Government area of Ogun State have refuted claims by one, Alabede Abdulganiyu, who claimed eligibility to the Kingship stool of the town.

Speaking to newsmen on Saturday, the Somofe of Ibeseland and the Head of the Kingmakers of the land, Chief Tajudeen Adewuyi stated that Alabede, who claimed to have come from the Alangbo ruling house is not eligible to the stool, adding that the process of Obaship in the town has been finalized, only waiting for the state government ratification and installation of the Oba-elect.

"In Ibese, we have two ruling houses, the Asakanran Alangbo, and the Olokojobi ruling houses. The last king came from the Asakanran Alangbo ruling house, so it is the turn of the Olokojobi ruling house to produce a king for the town.

"I, as the Chairman of the Kingmakers, and the Adele of Ibese, in collaboration with other traditional chiefs with me have made it clear to everybody that it is the turn of the Oloko ruling house to produce the next king.

"That is where out of the four contestants, Prince Rotimi Mulero was nominated and elected as the King and the official documents have been forwarded to the state government for final ratification and installation", he stated.

Chief Adewuyi, however, called on the state government to expedite action on the Ibese kingship issue, adding that the delay in the installation of the Oba-elect is brewing this kind of confusion in the town.

When contacted, the Olori Ebi (Head of the Family) of Alangbo's ruling house, Alhaji Oladitan distance himself and the family from Abdulganiyu Alabede, saying that the next king was to be produced by the Oloko ruling house and not Alangbo.

"Don't take him (Alabede) seriously. He came to me one time and I made it known to him that we produced the last king that ruled for about 59years, so it is the turn of the Olokojobi  Ruling House to produce the king", Alhaji Oladitan stressed.

The Olori Ebi of the Olokojobi Ruling House, Pa. Nasiru Oniyide, on his part, corroborated the stance of the kingmakers, adding that the delay in the ratification process of their son the Oba elect may be responsible for another unknown person coming up with an uninformed twist to the obaship.

"It is our turn to produce the king and we have done the needful in that regard. We the Oloko Ruling House had officially nominated four candidates way back in 2019 January to be precise, and The Kingmakers have chosen the most suitable Prince out of the contestants - that was done in March 2019. All we are waiting for is the state government final approval so, I don't know where this new twist is coming from" he queried

Also speaking, the head of the youths from Asakanran and Bamgboye family a part of Alangbo ruling house, Prince Kayode Bamgboye described Alabede as confusion, saying that his antecedent is known as a land grabber.

"We don't recognize him in my family. I can say it authoritatively as the youth leader of the Alangbo ruling house. I am born and brought up in Ibese and I know everything about the town. 

"Alabede is not known to us. Where is his father's house? He came recently, causing problems as a land grabber, but thank God the Kingmakers were able to have put his troubles to rest then.

"The impostor, Alabede Abdulganiyu is a wanted criminal by the police for murder in which he absconded over a year ago.

"All we know about Alabede is that he is a land grabber, tout, and public disturber who derive pleasure in crime. He is a wanted man at the police station, and until he clears his name off the murder case brought against him, we cannot be associated with him", Prince Kayode stated.

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