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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

John Igbaifua, Other Partners Set To Construct Nigeria's Biggest Shopping Mall In Lagos With 'Acada Arcade'


Lagos, Nigeria's commercial nerve will witness historic transformation in the real estate business as Plus World Realtors is set to erect the biggest shopping mall in Nigeria in the heart centre of the metropolitan state.

The Managing Director and Founder of Plus World Realtors, John Igbaifua who revealed this on Tuesday, said the company alongside other partners will build a shopping complex in Lagos State that will be equipped with world class facilities so as to meet up with international standard.

The proposed complex named Acada Arcade will be located opposite the Lagos State University in Ojo area of the state. 

Speaking on the plans, Igbaifua noted that the proposed complex will be one of the biggest shopping malls in the country. 

The Plus World founded explained that the Acada Arcade is a joint venture with the Nigeria Army post Housing development limited. 

He further explained that the Acada Arcade will be unique by providing a warehouse which many complexes in Lagos lacked. 

He said, "Acada Arcade is going to be something quite unique from the other complexes we have around here. Because it is going to have warehouses. 

"Warehousing is one of the unique selling point of Acada Arcade knowing very well that around this Alimosho is the environ for Acada Arcade. Most of the complexes we have here does not come with warehouses, so Acada Arcade is designed with the people and environment in mind."

Igbaifua noted that the shopping mall when completed will be equipped with facilities that will suit the needs of everyone that visit it. 

He added that the shopping mall has been designed to make it be of international standard. 

He further said,"Acada Arcade is where you can do your work and where you can play. Because beside the warehouse is the major workup shops, luxurious workup shops. We have offices for people that want to use the place for offices— we have these people in mind when this housing is being designed.

"We have place for creche for people that would be doing their business and people that have little kids so they can come with the children to the mall. There is also space for banking. So you don't have to leave the mall because most businesses will be done within the mall. 

"Again, we have area designate for food courts, eateries and the rest. So we have retail areas too for people that could not afford shops. So it is designed with the people in mind and the environment. It is going to be fully secured, so we will not going to have the menace of land grabbers around there. 

"We have ample parking. Because we are going to have warehouses so expect that a lot of articulated vehicles will coming into the facilities, so space have been made for these vehicles to turn without hindering the businesses of other users." 

The Plus World CEO however said the price of the shopping mall has been subsidized to make it affordable. 

He added," we are selling at highly subsidize rate because we understand that a lot of people are prioritize their investment so they'll want to go for something that wont put a lot of pressure in their pockets and in other investment. 

"Similar project in this environment is already 50% discounted compare to any other project facilities of similar capacity for our entry level is 50% discounted. We are doing this because we are considerate and the economy is very friendly at the moment (ironically). Our prices are very affordable and reasonable."

Meanwhile, Igbaifua alongside other partners paid a courtesy visit to Oba Sulaiman Adeshina, the Oniba Ekun of Iba Kingdom at his Palace in Iba area of Lagos State. 

Present at the meeting include the CEO of Dove Enterprise Nigeria Limited, Victor Oluwasegun Ogbeta; the Chief Marketing Officer of Plus World, Oreofe Ekundayo, Eng Olusegun Akinola, and Obasanmi Tosin. 


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