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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Leave APC For Us, Habeeb Ajayi Tells Amosun, Odebiyi, Mustapha

ABEOKUTA - The Chairman,  Ogun State Park and Garage Board, Mr. Habib Wale Ajayi has asked former governor Ibikunle Amosun, and the other senators representing Ogun state, senators Tolu Odebiyi (West), Lekan Mustapha (East) to leave the All Progressive Congress (APC) and stop disrespecting the party.

Mr. Ajayi who was guest on a radio programme said "rather than the anti-party activity they are currently engaged in and disrespect for the party's orders, they can leave the party. I wish them good luck, if they do so, they see themselves as political juggernaut and thought they could get anything they want from the party, irrespective of what the party says, the party should not permit it, the party should go by provisions of its rule in order to send message and discourage any other members or group who feels the party cannot stand without them, so they can go if they want to."

Asked to speak on harmonization of party's positions, Ajayi said, "I disagree with the party sharing any position with anybody who cannot comply with its orders. No harmonization. Amosun, the senators and any other person must not be encouraged to disrespect the party, they should be told so in straight terms". 

Ajayi who once served as an elected Chairman in Abeokuta North and a member of OGHA, said "what Amosun is doing is a clear anti-party activities, the governor is the leader of the party today, he must be respected and whatever the party wants is what everybody should take. Amosun as governor will not take it from anybody, he should therefore not attempt to give it to anybody," he declared.

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