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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Acada Arcade: Reawakening Shattered Hope Of Nigeria's Home Owners


LAGOS - One of the banes that has distorted the Real Estate sector in Nigeria over time is the volatile and unpredictability nature of both the proprietors and the property. 

Investors and clients always whine about how unreliable some real estate proprietors are in terms of agreement and quality that should see them luxuriate the benefit of having real estate properties. 

This accounts for one of the few reasons investors and clients are skeptical when making real estate investment decisions.

Obviously, this ought not to be so especially when you consider what is obtainable in other climes where investment on commercial properties is always the next move towards securing funds against economic fluctuations. 

However, coming to redefine the game that has been allowed to exist for pretty long time is Acada Arcade who has taken it up as a necessity to bring that safe haven of commercial property investments to investors and clients. 

Going in line with contemporary demands, Acada Arcade is up to speed with facilities that as much as appealing as they are, their relevance in the society cannot be glossed over. The shopping complex possesses to no exhaustive list customized office spaces for corporate businesses, show rooms for people into furniture and clothing business, warehouses for haulage and logistics business, a crèche to take care of the needs of nursing and young mothers, space for banks and ATM galleries, green market, food courts and retail outlets for local and international brands, walk-in clinic, saloons, restaurants, food courts, retail areas, bars and lounges.


These facilities are appealing and compelling in the new dispensation such that investors are more assured of having a ready platform for business take-off.

This beautiful concept is packaged by Plusworld Realtors and other partners like the Nigeria Army Post service, AG mortgage, Jaiz bank and Peedee Arcade properties Ltd. 

Speaking on the shopping complex, the founder of Plusworld, John Igbaifua said the Acada Arcade will be equipped with facilities other shopping complex lacked in Lagos. 

He noted that the proposed complex will be one of the biggest shopping malls in the country. 

Where is it Located? 

Of a truth, regardless of how compelling facilities are made to be, location is an integral factor in the commercial market. 

And contextualizing this, Acada Arcade got itself one of the best locations in the commercial city of Nigeria to have these properties residing in. 

Ojo, the location of Acada Arcade, is the closest link to the famous Lagos-Badagry Expressway. After Lekki, it is one of the fastest growing city in Lagos. Important landmarks hedges it such as Lagos State University (LASU Second Gate), and the Nigerian Army Post-Service Housing Estate. 

It is bound to cater for the shopping, leisure and corporate needs of residents and businesses in neighboring axis such as Alaba, Iyana-Iba, Alaba and Okokomaiko. 

What are the investment options like? 

Juxtaposing this with what others have to offer, the investment options of Arcada Arcade are mouth-watering as much as they are environmental and economic-friendly. 

There is an option of life-ownership of properties and that of payment plan spread over a period of time, such that you don’t have to cough out the whole amount at once, rather you get to take up an instalment payment plan that appeals to your financial plan. 

Any ROI? 

Massive ROIs are provided as high as they can ever come for investors to recoup value for funds invested. 

In detail, investors are bound to make up to 12 to 15% annual returns for every property they invest on at Acada Arcade. 

Other Compelling Features of Acada Arcade 

It is always considered good business in commercial properties when the returns are high, when there are great brands and companies around as well as when the domestic population has a high purchasing power. All these you will find with Acada Arcade. 

It is also quite important to mention that there is a provision for mortgage service for investors that want to spread payment over a period of time. Acada Arcade is in full partnership with AG Mortgage and Jaiz Bank to facilitate to the delight of investors and clients.

In the event of property loss to fire or theft, it also has made provision for a one-year insurance policy from Old Mutual Insurance to cover that and reduce fears. 

Essentials such as 24 hour power supply, security with electric fencing and ample parking space that can accommodate over 1000 vehicles at any point in time makes not only Arcada Arcade a safe haven for commercial real estate investment but the face of commercial real estate in Nigeria.

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