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Monday, October 4, 2021

Poor Football Administration Responsible For Loss Of Interest In Nigerian League - CID


Chidi Ijere Daniel, Ajebo FC President

ABEOKUTA - A football enthusiast and President, Ajebo football club, Chidi Ijere Daniel has blamed maladministration of Nigerian football as a factor responsible on the loss of interest in the local league by Nigerian Youths.

Chidi, who is the National Sports Coordinator, Foursquare Gospel Church maintained that lack of grassroots sports development discouraged Nigerian youths from showing interest in sports.

Chidi stated this at the weekend in Ajebo, Obafemi Owode local government at the official unveiling of Ajebo football club.

Speaking on Nigeria's 61st independence anniversary, Chidi explained that, sports remains the only unifying factor that can equip the youths and dissuade them from engaging in cybercrime.

He called on the private sector to partner with the government to revive the sports sector for a better Nigeria.

"I'm passionate to see the Nigerian youths become better, I'm passionate to see the Nigerian youths become the stronger version of themselves.

"I don't think the government is doing enough in promoting grassroots sports development, especially football. Of course, there is no amount of effort that the government put in, you also expect individuals to play their role, you also expect corporate organizations to play their roles, but of course, they have not done sufficiently enough, but there is always room to improve. 

"I expect the government to improve, the government can see how much of a failure leadership from their end is to us as Nigerians, but we cannot say because the government is failing we will now fold our hands and not contribute our quota to the development of sports. The youths of Nigeria are very open to being whatever effort the government will extend to them, so the government can do better.

"Sport is a very strong cord that we can use to unite Nigeria. Nigerian youths are still interested in watching local football, we are interested in local football because of the amount of effort that has been deployed in developing local football.

"You find that people are more interested in European football because of the efforts their FA has put into the development of their football. We want to be able to develop the Nigerian league, that is what we are doing. When we develop it, you find that our league will not only attract Nigerian youths, but it will attract youths from other parts of Africa and of course, other parts of the world. With good administration, youths love football, it does not matter whether football is sinking, the Nigerian youths still love football, and with good administration, you will find them coming to show their love and passion for local football."

Speaking on the launching of Ajebo football club, the Club President said it was a way of helping the community youths discover their potentials and actualize their dreams

"I have watched them play and I have seen that these boys have got a lot of talents, they only need somebody that can help them. I felt with the little that God has given to me in terms of technical know-how, in terms of intellectual know-how, and by the grace of God with the special people that surround me, one should be able to offer help that will take these boys places.

"Sport is business, we want to take the club to corporate organizations to embrace it as a business so that when they support us with their funds, they also make more money for themselves."

The Ogun State FA Chairman, Alhaji Ganiu Majekodunmi while commending the club owners for the initiative, urged them to sustain it by working with the local government football council.

Majekodunmi who was represented by the Vice-Chairman, Obafemi Owode Football Council, Mr. Benson Awolesi urged the players to be disciplined and dedicated to achieving their dreams.

"We can sustain this football club by working with the state FA. Naturally, they are going to be affiliated with the football council who will promote them to the state, and from there promote them to the NFF. I believe with what we are seeing today, this team has come to stay."

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