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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Senate wants Nigerian Police empowered to tackle insecurity

ABUJA - The Senate Committee on Air Force has called on the Federal Government to empower the Nigerian Police to tackle insecurity in the country.

The Chairman of the Committee, Sen. Bala Ibn Na’Allah, made the call on Tuesday while presenting the budget report of his committee to the appropriation committee.

He said that there is nothing that prevented the police from getting the sophisticated equipment the Air Force, Navy, and Army are getting, as that would make the police more effective.

“There is nothing that prevents the Nigerian police from getting some of these sophisticated vehicles and to be doing surveillance on these roads.

“It is not nice that it is not only when it happens that they rush there and then the kidnappers are gone.

“If there is a coordinated effort that the police will report that there is an incidence in this location, and then an aircraft can continue to hover around those people.

“This is because they cannot be faster than an aircraft. Then while it is hovering, the police should be able to have an idea of where those bandits or kidnappers are and then some helicopter intervention can help,” Na’Allah said.

On the return of bandits to the Kaduna-Abuja highway, despite the procurement of Super Tucano fighter jets, Na’Allah said Nigerians should not be hearing the rise of banditry and kidnappings on that route.

“It is an operational issue, it is one thing to have the equipment and another thing to use the equipment to face the challenges that we have.

“Kidnapping and banditry in Nigeria have defied this intervention for several reasons. One, it is not that you have an enemy on the other side you are fighting that you can say you can take the fight to his place and finish him. These are things that come intermittently from somewhere.

“The nature and character of a crime to a larger extent will determine the control strategy. I think that this has to do more by empowering the police who are on the ground to ensure that these areas are effectively secured.

“We want a secured nation. We will continue to pray that the security agents will do more to ensure these agitations and expectations by Nigerians are made,” Na’Allah said. (NAN)

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