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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Fight Insurgency, Insecurity, Corruption Through Traditional Powers, Ogun Traditionalists Implore FG

Oba Ifarotimi Balogun

ABEOKUTA - The supreme head of Traditional Worshippers and Believers in Nigeria, Oba Ifarotimi Adifagbola Balogun, the Olu Isese Agbaye, has called on  government at all levels to use traditional means to fight insurgency among other corrupt practices in Nigeria.

Oba Ifarotimi made the call at a press confrence in Abeokuta as part of activities put in place to commemorate 2021 Igba Irumole Festival, held at Adifagbola/Alapo village Idi-Ori , Abeokuta.

The traditionalist who expressed confidence that with government support and  approval for organizing annual  national African Traditional Festival, a greater opportunity will be created by worshippers to gather, consult and join hands with government at ridding the country of diseases and ravaging insecurity challenges among others bedeviling Nigeria.

While eulogizing the potency in   traditional African power in tackling societal challenges, Oba Ifarotimi said African power and knowledge had in the past  addressed issues of insurgency, saying though insurgency has been in existence since the beginning of the world, but that the forebearers were able to contain its excessiveness  through the natives knowledge and power embedded in deities domiciling in various communities and villages across the nation.

He pointed out that even as the nation is still battling with various forms insurgences, the prevailing tactical solution being deployed successful is traditional power drawn from different communities and towns in the country.  

He noted that  the Strategy has helped in keeping Nigeria together as a nation.

He urged government at all levels to give their full support and due recognition to the Traditional worshippers/ believers, saying the due recognition will bring a lot of positive changes and promote peaceful co- existence among the people. 

He noted that social crime and criminality would be reduced to bearest minimum by the  influence of gods when invoked in the land.

The Olu-Isese noted further that traditional, cultural festival are very important to Africans and should be observed by people living in traditional African societies.

His words "We thank God for our forebearers in the  Traditional African societies for preserving the core value which has been our cherished guiding principle at the Isese Kingdom of Truth/ Atorise -Ologose Temple. More so we are also greateful to the present administration in the state led by Prince Dapo Abiodun for providing the solid  platform for traditional Festivals across the State by putting in place, the State Alternate Medicine Board, (OGAMB) to coordinate a purposeful traditional believers that will chat a positive way of utilising the available potentials for wellness and well being  of our people.

"Traditional festivals in Africa have been abused and taken for granted by many people. Some people do not recognize the fact that, it sustains our rich socio- - cultural values, promote communal unity, ensure security and serve as platform for social mobilization and societal cohesion. And in a bid to create more awareness and prevent further abuse of our culture, there should be rules and guidelines for cultural festival in Ogun State to serve as a guide lines for all festivals only if the State governor can put in more resources and efforts".

While soliciting for government's participation in the traditional cultural festival by declaring a public holiday to mark Isese Day in Ogun State, with a guiding framework as well as policy that will streamline the operation and programme across the state, Oba Ifarotimi explained that if government can be supportive through its policy, people will be motivated from different communities to set aside moments, seasons, periods or epochs to celebrate their life experiences, cultural heritage which may include the worship of gods and goddess that are  affiliated to people or individuals as a away of promoting traditional Festivals in the state.

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