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ONE basic constitutional responsibility of any Government in power is maintenance of security of life and properties. The absence of security is a direct invite to anarchy, lawlessness, disorder, lack of peace and invariably, lack of socio-economic progress and growth. A State where insecurity persists can hardly develop irrespective of the avalanche of the resources at its disposal.

Nigerian has had its fair share of insecurity lately ranging from act of banditry to terrorism; kidnapping to cultism; armed robbery to ritualism and a whole lot of violence that have disrupted the peace of the society and citizenry. In the North East, for instance, millions of the residents have been displaced; their livelihoods cut off and are living in make-shift camps for years now. There is no part of North West, North Central, South East, South South and South West zones of the Country is spared of this disturbing malaise.

In Ogun State, state of insecurity has become worrisome to the extent that socio-economic activities have been completely paralyzed in Ogun East Senatorial district due to combination forces of rampant bank robberies, kidnapping and cultism. This setting also pervades Ogun West and Central Districts of the State.

Lately, threat to public peace has manifested in form delinquent violence where students of secondary schools have embarked on open and damaging fracas. Ogun State is now known for several reported cases of cult clashes among secondary school students.

The young boys and girls, without taking into consideration who is at the helm of affairs in the State, dare the government by attacking the Police force and in the process injured the DPO of Obantoko division, SP Alimeke Ignatius last week.

Students in secondary schools are becoming unruly, daring and unrepentant in their uncultured behaviours. They flagrantly assault their teachers at every slight opportunity. 

One of such case was reported at a school in Owode Egba axis under Obafemi-Owode local government where students seized the car key of a teacher and caused him body injuries. The teacher reportedly drove the car home without the keys, disconnecting and reconnecting wires of the car. It is bad that secondary schools in the State have become breeding grounds for street urchins under this present administration.

Few days after, another female teacher took to her heels after some students of another school in the axis threatened to slap her for having the 'effrontery' to question them for cheating in the examination hall.

Cultism in the State has also gotten to the point that suspected cult members were tracked and killed during the day. A case of a man that was reportedly trailed from Olorunshogo and killed at the popular Kuto market in daybreak is a thing of concern to everyone in the State.

Cultists have taken over the state capital, forcing business owners to close down as early as 6pm for fear of attacks from the 'merchants of death'.

Not only that cultism is thriving in the state, armed robbery and kidnapping for ransoms have gone on the increase in the State. Residents now feel safe during the night more than in the day.

Kidnapping in broad daylight in Obada-Oko, Abeokuta has become a normal occurrence; residents now mount surveillance. Many who have fallen victims of this dastardly 'striving business' paid huge sums of money before they could regain their freedom. Many have not been fortune and lost their lives in the process.

The November 2, 2021 daylight robbery at Isabo junction, a close shave to the State High Court, is also another eye-opener that no place is presently safe in the State.

Residents of Sapon, Ijaiye, Ita-Morin, Oke-Ijemo, Elite, Oke-Lantoro, Leme, Ijemo, Ake, Adatan, Saje, Mokola, Ajitadun, Elega, Asero, Kuto, Oke-jigbo, Kobiti, Sodeke which are the heartbeats of the state capital, can no longer sleep with their two eyes closed. If these are happening in the state capital, how much more in the outskirts?

Going forward, there is a need for the security agencies in the State to work together in ensuring a safe environment for residents of the State.

The security agencies especially the Police need to engage in 24hrs patrol across the state so as to foil any plans that may be threatening the peace and security of the state.

The Amotekun and other rural security agencies such as So-Safe Corps, Vigilante Group of Nigeria need to mingle with the people so as to get the needed information that will help strengthen the security of the state.

The government needs to do more than issuing threats to criminals. Enough of "we will" act but really seen as acting. Government needs to take the bull by the horn by investing heavily in the security architecture of the state and ensure that needed resources are available for security agencies in keeping the State safe.

On cultism and unruly behaviour in secondary schools, government needs to take stringent decision on any student caught misbehaving or doing things which are against the rules that govern the school. Parents who are against corporal punishment for their children in public school are at liberty to go to private school. A review of the schools' operational manual to accommodate contemporary disciplinary procedures is long overdue.

Governor Dapo Abiodun needs to declare a state of emergency on the security sector in the State and ensure that major stakeholders provide a blueprint that will help the state in curbing the security challenges.

The task of maintaining security of life and properties is a tripartite duty that involves the government, the security agencies and the people. Hence, the people must be ready to work with the two other stakeholders by providing needed information and also raising alarm when necessary.

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