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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

I Don't Drink Alcohol, But I Zazuu - Portable


LAGOS - Self-styled ‘wahala musician’ Portable has made a shocking revelation on alleged alcohol intake.

According to the Zazoo singer, alcohol is a taboo.

The controversial musician disclosed this during a recent interview on YouTube saying he doesn’t drink alcohol.

He noted that although a lot of people judge him for his attitude but it isn’t as a result of alcohol but inborn.

When asked if he drinks alcohol to gain so much energy he said: “I don’t drink alcohol but I zazu.”

Testifying to his statement, the show host and interviewer, Jahbless, said: “I was actually surprised when he came in and I offered him Hennessy but he declined.”

Portable also opened up on one of the reasons behind his fall out with his former promoter, Kogbagidi, noting that “they wanted to kill me with over packaging.”

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