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Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Nigerians Urged To Do Away With Brigade Politicians In 2023

ABUJA - For Nigerians to join the comity of developed countries, its citizens have been charged to shun old politicians for younger intellectuals who are making waves on the global scene.

The appeal came yesterday from a renowned journalist, Mr Patrick Emoukhare, who lamented that Nigeria since independence had been ruled by 16 heads of state and commander- in- chief of the Armed Forces including the incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari.

In a statement titled: “Enough of Old Political Wolves In Nigerian Democracy”, which he issued in Abuja, the veteran lamented that the leaders could not take Nigeria to the next level, adding that, “it is difficult to really point to where our leaders got it wrong. To me, I believe it is due to avarice, nepotism, tribalism, favoritism and lack of vision for true governance.”

Emoukhare said it was time that the slogan of “Nigeria is the giant of Africa” should be discarded because “when you read about the development of other lesser nations, you marvel as to how they did it. I think it is probably because of too much money in the country which unfortunately is being enjoyed by a few Nigerians who are lucky to be in the corridors of power of the various past and present leaders… The slogan is now GSM (Governor to Senate and Minister) meaning that once you are a governor, the next position would be a senator and later minister.”

He said, “It is time to test other Nigerians that are highly intelligent with good education and that have excelled in their various endeavors to rescue the country from the cabals who have clandestinely taken over the governance of the country.”

Emoukhare said Nigerians such as the All Progressives Congress (APC) chairman in the United Kingdom (UK) and an aspirant for the 2023 presidency, Dr Philip Egbaname Idaewor, should be encouraged to achieve his goal. According to him, Idaewor has been in Europe for over 20 years and held various posts, besides being a human right activist who has assisted Nigerians and other African nationals in the Diaspora.

He said as a first-class pathologist and scientist of repute, those who are close to him, are convinced that Dr Idaewor will provide new innovative leadership which Nigeria needs at this time.

He said, “Dr Idaewor has always been a strong advocate for the political restructuring of Nigeria. He holds a firm view that the current political structure must be revisited and reworked in such a way that every ethnic nationality including the smallest and even the weakest should have a sense of belonging. He believes this is a factor that will enormously and positively impact upon the management of our diversity.”

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