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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Buhari Has Validated Vote-rigging Vaccine With Electoral Act 2022

ABUJA - A founding member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and director general of Voice of Nigeria (VON), Osita Okechukwu, has joined the army of Nigerians applauding President Muhammadu Buhari for appending his assent to the Electoral Act amendment bill.

In a statement he issued in Abuja yesterday, the said by signing the bill into law, the APC chief said president has given lovers of democracy a booster shot of Vote-Rigging-Vaccine (VRV).

According to Okechukwu, the coming into force of Electoral Act 2022 marks a significant turning point in Nigeria’s journey towards electoral reforms, reinforced democratic rights, higher voters turn out and consolidation of democracy.

He noted that contrary to insinuations by naysayers, who like Joseph Goebbels of Nazi Germany, kept on telling the big lie and fake news that Buhari will not sign the bill and those who believed them, President has proved them wrong by endorsing the VRV, a crucial piece of electoral legislation.

Okechukwu said through the strokes of his signature-pen on the bill, President Buhari has bequeathed to Nigerians an Electoral Act that empowers the deployment of the Smart Card Reader, Biometric Voter Accreditation System (BVAS) and other technological devices for electoral fidelity.

He stated: “By virtue of the Electoral Act 2022, the VRV offers electronic accreditation and electronic transmission of results. These voter's empowerment machines combined to revolutionize free, fair, and transparent elections in Nigeria. Electronic Transmission of results is the key element in the Act and will automatically boost voters' turnout to 60 percent in future elections.

“Electronic Transmission (VRV) is the lofty milestone and indeed, comes as one of the progressive legacies of Mr. President who, as a victim of vote-rigging has always craved for law instrument that contains progressive provisions to knock out thuggery during accreditation, voting, and collation processes.

“By consolidating the power of votes to count and transparently so counted, President Buhari has finally empowered the people to come out in large numbers to choose their leaders without the interference of the dreaded Money Bags.”

The DG VON expressed the hope that from henceforth, Nigerians will be less attracted by stomach infrastructure or vote-buying and need not protest or demonstrate against misrule, maintaining that with the Vote-Rigging-Vaccine (VRV) strengthened by black ink of the law, Nigerians can now troop out to voting booths on Election Day with confidence that their votes would vote out bad leaders.

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