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Friday, March 18, 2022

Expert Harps On Third Party Parenting, Adoption In Nigeria

Dr. Adeyemi-Benro

LAGOS - Director of a Lagos based fertility clinic Alpha Assisted Reproductive Klinic, The ARK, Dr. Oluyemisi Adeyemi-Benro has called on the need for Nigerians to receive third-party parenting and adoption with an open mind.

Fielding questions from newsmen at the 10th anniversary of the ARK, Dr. Adeyemi-Benro decried the need for the government to do more awareness on third party parenting to erase undue stigmatization as perceived by some people.

According to her: "In third-party parenting, everybody should have an open mind. Challenged couples should not sit and be worried about what other people would say. There is also a need for the government to create more awareness of third-party parenting in Nigeria. We should also consider things like adoption as an alternative to parenting even if it’s a stopgap.

"Our 10th anniversary has been fantastic and I am sure participants went home with new knowledge. We brought some parents that had decided to opt for adoption just to open people’s minds. for us is not only about IVF, but the couple is blessed with children regardless of how they came. So I am happy that the turnout was very encouraging. and I believe it’s been successful.

Asked how challenging it’s been proffering solutions for childless couples, she said: “From the beginning, the journey had never been too hectic because God has always been our guide. Of course, there have been downtimes but the downtimes didn’t take too long. over the years, we have mastered the acts and by this, we have improved pregnancy rates, improved ways of dealing with clients and individual situations. But over the years, I would say we have achieved so much because of the God factor”. 


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