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Saturday, March 12, 2022

Ramadan: Ere Asalatu Holds Meeting With IAS Boss, Reveals What Muslims Will Benefit

ABEOKUTA - Popular Islamic singer, Alhaji AbdulKabir Alayande has revealed the outcome of his meeting with a leading real estate company, IAS Uniques Homes and Properties. 

The singer, popularly known as Ere Asalatu who recently met with the Chief Executive Officer of IAS, Ayobami Adelani, pkrm said the company has agreed to offer sales promo for customers in preparation for Ramadan. 

Ere Asalatu who is also IAS ambassador revealed that the real estate company will give gifts to customers during the coming Ramadan festive season. 

He said his trust for the company is utmost, adding that IAS has built a good image for itself over the years.

The singer said he met with IAS boss so as to make the company give promo to Muslims and other people during the fasting period.

He said, "As an ambassador for a trustworthy company that sells land: IAS Unique Homes and Properties Nigeria Limited, I have been seeing seasonal promos everywhere and I as the ambassador for IAS and as a Muslim, I went to meet with the CEO of the company. 

"I discussed with the CEO of IAS that he should let the  Muslims have the promo benefits that people have during Christian festivals or during the New year."

He however said there is a Ramadan Special Promo currently going on at IAS where gifts will be given to customers that purchase land from the company till the end of March. 

He added, "That is why I appealed to the CEO to host a Ramadan Special Promo as the season is near. And I am excited that the CEO accepted the proposal.

"I am using this moment to inform all Muslims that the promo has started and it's going to be dynamic. Please, do not procrastinate and quickly grab this offer."

In his remarks, the CEO of IAS Unique Homes and Properties Nigeria Limited said the special bonus is to balance the promos during festive season as the company used to do for other festivals.

Adelani noted that it will maintain the trust the customers have in the company by being upright and transparent. 

"It is worthwhile to say that the trust that the Islamic singer has in our company to be our ambassador will not be tarnished by us. And we will never fail you."

The CEO explained the criteria as well as the incentives potential buyers will win once they purchase a piece of land.

"This is how the Ramadan Special Promo will be: There are six of our Properties that will be featured in the promo. 

"The first is IAS garden city at Alamala barrack, rounder in Abeokuta, Ogun state. 

"We sell the a plot of land for one million naira while half is N500,000. 

"If you purchased a plot of land and you paid instantly, you would be given the following gifts: 32inches LED television, home theatre system and a big washing machine. 

"And if you want to purchase a land at IAS Glory Land Town before Mawoko, Abeokuta which sold for N750,000 and half for N400,000. 

"If you paid for a full plot instantly, you will be gifted a 32inches LED television and home theater.

He further said, "Let me inform you of our land called Prince and Princess at Mawuko, and the  one at Orange Value City at Alabata road. The lands at the locations sell for N400,000 for a plot. If you pay instantly for a plot, you will be given 32inches LED television.

"We also have a land named Country Garden at Ayetoro Road which sell for N200,000 for a full plot while half is N110,000. If you make a full payment during this Ramadan Special Promo, you will be given a home theater.

"We also have a land estate called King City. A plot sells for N3.5 million. If you purchase a plot during this festive promo, you will be given 65inches LED television, Chev refrigerator and a washing machine.

This Ramadan promo is an opportunity to "purchase an affordable land and also collect gifts."

He however, appealed to potential buyers to utilise this opportunity to have their own land, reiterating that the promo will close by ending of March..

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