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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Ladi is worst of Kensington Adebutu's sons, lacks capacity to rule Ogun - Segun Showunmi

Segun Showunmi

ABEOKUTA - A prominent governorship aspirant on the platform of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Otunba Segun Showunmi has described co-aspirant from Ogun East senatorial district, Chief Ladi Adebutu as worst governorship material to rule Ogun state.

Both Ladi and Showunmi are aspiring to contest on the platform of PDP in Ogun State

Showunmi during Ramadan Iftar with media practitioners in the state said he was disappointed the business mogul and philanthropist, Chief Kensington Adebukola Adebutu could positioned someone as Hon. Ladi to aspire to govern a sophisticated state like Ogun.

The former spokesperson to PDP Presidential candidate in 2019 Atiku Abubakar, maintained that Hon. Ladi lacked the competence and capacity to rule Ogun state.

He, however, boasted of defeating other governorship aspirants at the primaries.

"It is the right of delegates to pick their candidate and it is the responsibility of the candidates to market themselves.

"In the first instance, I would have thought Chief Adebutu would not have sent that one to come and govern Ogun State when he can't manage his company.

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"They have other sons, so the worst of them is the one they sent to come and manage the best of us? My name is Segun Showunmi, I'm not one of those who pretend. If the PDP gives the ticket to him, he's my brother. I don't want to quarrel with him because his political ways are strange. I expect to beat him like a baby.

Showunmi equally took a swipe at Jimi Lawal, saying, "even, the man that just joined the party, Otunba Jimi Lawal, the information I'm hearing from the field about him, I pitied him. Quite a lot of people are done about Jimi Lawal. The only way he can probably get it, is I heard he play tricks and that I heard they are filling the register of the party with some fictitious names. Do I look like a fool like them? Is going to be pre-election matters and we will fight it to the Supreme Court."

He, therefore, declared that he would not hesitate to pursue his ambition elsewhere if the party fails to make him its candidate in the 2023 general elections.

He also stated that he might also decide to support opposition candidate with good ideology that would bring rapid development to the state.

He noted that he would never play politics with Ogun state future, saying that the development of the state remained paramount.

"If I'm not given ticket, I will consider three things, is that do I really want to talk to issues after this campaign? If that is the answer I give myself, then I am going to contest elsewhere.

" If I also asked myself, of those that has been given ticket, who do I trust with Ogun, if it be the opposition, I am going to give it to them, I am not playing politics with Ogun future.

“For me, the development of this state is total. And if the person that gets the ticket is somebody I can think that okay his ideas are good then I am going to work hard and try to help him win.

“If I think that the person that is going on board is worst than the person that is incharge, I will not support such person and if I think that the person that wins me Incase I don’t win is someone that will do well for Ogun state, I will support him. The future of Ogun is paramount,” he said.

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