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Friday, May 27, 2022

Jaw Jaw Africa Foundation To Light Up Abeokuta Lepers' Colony


ABEOKUTA - A Non-governmental Organization based in Ogun state, Jaw Jaw Africa Media Support Foundation has promised to install street light across the lepers colony, in Abeokuta to improve on the security architecture of the colony.

The convener of the media foundation, Victor Eniola-Mark gave the pledge on Friday during the foundation's visit to the colony at Iberekodo in Abeokuta.

Mark promised to place premium urgency on the installation of street lights adding that security must come first in all human dealings. 

He requested a data of out of school pupils, students as well as the lists of other pressing issues in the colony. 

He noted that the NGO prioritizes issues affecting children, youths women, and the elderly. 

"I'll also like to tell you that we understand that, this that happened to you is not what you bargained for, we also understand that it can happen to anyone, that is why we are here to tell you that you are not alone. 

"We shall be waiting for the list of all the complaints you have made here today for consideration.

"We will work with you and as well with our friends who we know should be able to help in achieving a more comfortable life for you all."

Responding, Secretary of the colony, Folorunso Lukman, called for increased attention of the public and other civil society organizations on their children saying, "We have accepted our cross but please in God's name help our children.

Chief Folorunso sought for the assistance over the wellbeing and education of their children.  

"Our present situation has frustrated some of our children out of school to learn either a trade or handwork after learning, we still don't have money for them to start up or buy work tools for them. Please we didn't bargain for this but it happened, we have accepted our fate. 

"We haven't failed until we can not help our children to make good lives for themselves." 

Also speaking for the lepers, Chairman of the colony, Jimoh Ahmed, advocated for soft loans that can enable those who can still do petty business start some trade. 

"Another problem we have here is security, every day we are only sure of going to bed but waking up is God's doing. Our colony here is too porous. There are exit routes everywhere. Before now there are no houses around us but development has made people build houses all around the colony. 

"At night, the whole of this place will be in total darkness exposing us to more risk but what can we do? 

"So, if you ask me to make request now, I will appeal for solar street light, even if it is just two that we can get, we will forever be grateful." 

An aged man at the colony, Chairman of the elders council, John Ojuawo, also complained on how castles destroy their subsistence farm, the situation which has stopped farming in the colony. 

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