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Monday, June 13, 2022

Muslims Protest Ritual Killings In Osun, Labelling ‘Alfas’ As Ritualists

OSOGBO - A coalition of Islamic scholars and organisations, yesterday, protested rampant cases of ritual killing in Iwo land, Osun State and alleged labelling of their clerics, also known as Alfas as ritualists.

They argued that not everyone who has long beard or wears trousers that do not touch the ankle of the legs is an Alfa.

They stressed the need for necessary inquiries to be made before one could be identified as Alfa, adding that many, who had been arrested in connection with ritual killings may not be real Muslim clerics (Alfas).

The demonstrators, who carried placards of different inscriptions, condemned the growing rate of ritual killing in Iwo land, and called on government at all levels to fish out and prosecute any perpetrator found.

They warned that Sharia punishment might be meted out on anyone caught in the act of ritual killing.

The protesting Muslims, who were adorned in white clothes, together with members of NASFAT, Salaf, Taqomunu, Quwwatulahi Haq, marched through popular areas in the town.

Decrying the ugly menace, Ameer Ansrul-Huda Islamic of the Organisation, Dr. Shafi’i Abdulazeez Bello,  said people, who indulge in killing and trading on human parts are not to be regarded as Muslims,  because, according to him, real Muslims do not kill.

He said: “This is our collective stance. If we know or see anyone who engages in killing humans, buying or selling human parts, they are not to be regarded as Muslims, because the law of Islam says we must not kill anyone. God himself frowns on killers and; He said, whoever dies as a killer is doomed for hell.”

Also,  Chief Imam, Central Mosque, Olota Yunus Husaefat Al-Mukasif, said: “We are out to protest peacefully on one of the acts that make God angry and that is ritual killing.

“We are also aware that if these ritual killers are apprehended, they will say Alfas are among them. That is not entirely true.

“Every individual that wears a cap, keeps beard and maybe, wears trousers below the ankle is called an Alfa. Most of these so-called men of God do not have in depth Islamic education.

“There is a dire need for parents to inculcate Islamic education in their children. Prophet Muhammad said train your children and it will benefit you.”

For Alhaji Bilamin Akanbi, Imam Ratibi Iwoland, “We Muslims in Iwoland must come out en masse to make our stance known, which is against ritual killing. We want an end to it. Iwo is a revered town for Islam and must be so.

“Islam is against it (ritual killing). Sharia shall be applicable to any perpetrator caught.”

Also, Nasrul-lahi-li Fathi Society of Nigeria (NASFAT) Missioner, Iwoland, Sheikh Tajudeen Bilal frowned at ritual killing saying, “this peaceful protest is to frown on ritual killing. This has become rampant among the wolves in sheepskin, whom people are calling Alfas. They are not true Muslims.

“Because Al-Qur’an has made us know that every form of killing is a sin. It also made us know that whoever kills a soul, it is as if he kills the whole world.

“When these people are apprehended, they will say “they are Alfas” whereas they are not. They are bad people who have a covenant with the devil,” he added.

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